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Maryland International Raceway
Saturday, October 11, 2008
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What an aboslutely awesome event on an awesome day! Huge thanks to the 42 Terminators that took part in this event, as well as the 83 spectators that came to enjoy the show. This event was the largest single Terminator drag racing event in history! MIR did a great job as hosts and there were tons of personal bests on a track that was hooking all day long on a day where the DA was under zero until 9:30am!

In the Eaton Class of 20 participants, Larry Pfannkauche (F8LSNAKE) from Warner Robins, GE defeated Justin Tolbert (CobraStruck) of Rural Hall, NC in a great final. Larry, who is the reigning non-nitrous Eaton record holder, was super consistent all day, ran a best of 10.55 @ 128.43, while Justin's best for the day was a new all time 6 spd/IRS non-nitrous record with his 10.69 @ 128.68 mph.

In the Open Class of 7 participants, MACA's own JR Lewis from Gettysburg, Pa put on quite a show and defeated Jack Brecht (Cobra2706) from Mantua, NJ in the final. JR had a best of 8.726 @ 154.09 while Jack hit a 10.213 @ 130.27. JR's Cobra is simply amazing and I believe he had 5 eight second passes throughout the course of the day.

In the Bracket Class of 14 participants, we had an all-MACA final with Dominick Palmucci (CobraDom) of Levittown, Pa defeating Jeff Fontaine (CobraCleric) of Belstsville, Md in unusual fashion......both racers redlighted on the final, but Dom didn't redlight by quite as much as Jeff! Congrats to both for a great job!

Other notables:
- JR's run of 8.726 @ 154.09 further lowered his all time non-nitrous twin screw record that he had previously set last weekend at Mason Dixon.
- jeremiahhussey from Robbins, NC became the 4th Terminator in history to run 9's with a 6 speed/IRS/ setup with his 9.95 @ 141 effort. He joins Ken Tingle and Tommy Godfrey, and Jay Knott from Strictly Performance in this elite group.
- Justin Tolbert (CobraStruck) set a new all time 6 spd/IRS non-nitrous record with his 10.69 @ 128.68 mph. Incredible efforts all day long from Justin and he also hit a 10.22 on nitrous. His run against Jake Corant (BADASS03SVT) in the semi's of the Eaton class was a true classic.....Two great drivers, two VERY well setup Cobras.
- Carlos Marroquin (Snakesvt04) jumped to 4th place on the Terminator all time Convertible ET list (I think....) with his 10.064 @ 135.61 run. Only bfoley, RoushBoyd, and KILLER03VERT are ahead of him I believe.
- MACA's Austin Murtha (NOXCUSES) set a personal record with his 10.518 @ 130.10 pass.
-The day's event concluded with a "Grudge Race" between JR Lewis and Ken Tingle which was a perfect ending to a great day. We definately need a video posted of this one......
- And last but not least, the Eaton-powered Terminator folks put on a great show with 7 folks running 10's in the 1320:
F8LSNAKE...........10.56 @ 128.43
CobraStruck........10.69 @ 128.68 (10.22 w/ nitrous)
Magoo................10.71 on nitrous (11.004 blower only!)
IronTerp.............10.88 @ 126.76
04yellowcobra.....10.95 (2nd best all time with upper pulley/no port!! Almo = #1)
Stinkapuss..........10.96 @ 123.07

Special thanks to Jason Miller at Maryland International Raceway......great guy to work with! Thanks to Eric and Elisa Brooks for their support of this event, to Big Nick (nxt summer) for his awesome job with color commentary, Mike Riley (FISHTAIL) for all his help throughout the day, and our class sponsors: Billy Wise, (Bill's Auto Perf.) Jason Roth,(Comp Speed & Sound) and Johnny and Sue Wiker (JLP)! Special thanks to Jason and Audrey Roth for hosting 40+ folks at their house after the Shootout with a great spread of vittles and beverages. Special, special thanks to my wife Jan for not divorcing me over the planning and execution of this Shootout, and for selling all 74 T-shirts at the event!!!