We Increase Your Profits By:

1   Reducing Fuel Costs

2   Reducing Maintenance Costs

3   Reducing Emissions

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The goal of Universal Fuel Organization, Inc., is to be the most globally recognized organization that provides proven fuel solutions that are both economically and environmentally viable to all industries.


As the founders of Universal Fuel Organization, Inc., we have over fifty years of combined business and marketing expertise. Having discovered a revolutionary one of a kind product, our goal is to create an organization of professionals worldwide to represent and bring our product to market. This combination of product, people and marketing makes IFS an undisputable leader in the fuel industry.

Universal Fuel Organization and our product, along with our Commercial Representatives and Distributors, are improving the bottom line for thousands of companies, small and large, both domestically and internationally. This is accomplished with a proven product that dramatically reduces fuel and maintenance costs through increased fuel efficiency, prolonged engine life, enhanced performance, and reduced emissions. 

The continued trust of our customers is won with our unique products, technology and expertise.


Damian McSwain
CEO & President

Chris Whiting
Executive Vice President

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Atlanta, GA
Washington, DC