We Increase Your Profits By:

1   Reducing Fuel Costs

2   Reducing Maintenance Costs

3   Reducing Emissions

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Sales Department

Commercial Opportunity

We offer a unique opportunity to qualified individuals. Our product stands alone in an untapped market with zero competition. You will have the opportunity to capitalize on the largest industry in the world through our leadership, training and support as a Commercial Representative and/or Distributor.

International Network

In addition to the U.S. market, we have established, and continue to grow a comprehensive network of Commercial Representatives and Distributorships in 13 countries. Representation continues to rapidly grow in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, as well as many other countries. As we continue to build our professional network, we will expand into additional countries to meet the ever growing demand for our product.

Benefits Of Our Partnership

As worldwide populations continue to increase their dependence on carbon-based fuels, and as fuel prices continue to rise, the demand for our product will increase exponentially. Your representation of our unique product will allow you to capitalize on the largest industry in the world. This is accomplished through our company leadership, training and support in addition to the following factors:

  • Largest industry in the world 
  • Zero competition 
  • Unsaturated market
  •  Lucrative compensation plan
  •  Products and technology have a proven track record
  •  Fuel is a necessity and prices are on the rise
  •  Comprehensive on-going training and support systems 
  • 80% customer retention rate

Interview Process

Step 1 - Send the UFO Application and your resume to to schedule an interview.

Step 2 - A member of our Executive Team will contact you to discuss your experience, qualifications and opportunities.

Training and Support

Step 1 - Begin Commercial Representative/Distributor Training and Certification Program.

Step 2 - Your assigned Mentor will continue with your training, answer questions and assist you with the acquisition of your commercial accounts.