We Increase Your Profits By:

1   Reducing Fuel Costs

2   Reducing Maintenance Costs

3   Reducing Emissions

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A Revolutionary Combustion Catalyst

Our product is a time-tested, EPA registered, and multi-patented fuel treatment that has been proven to be effective in these four areas:

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency 
  • Prolonged Engine Life 
  • Enhanced Horsepower and Performance 
  • Reduced Emissions  

What Makes Our Product Unique


  • Time-tested over 18 years, 2.5 billion miles and 65 million hours of operation 
  • Highly concentrated (¼ oz treats 20 gallons, 1 gallon treats 10,000 gallons) 
  • Comprehensive fuel treatment that addresses inefficient combustion 
  • Organo-metallic compound that burns more of the available BTU'S of the fuel 
  • Works on all combustible engines using carbon based fuels 
  • No alcohol, kerosene, or other chemicals detrimental to engine parts 
  • $2 million insurance policy against engine damage (No claims in over 17 years) 
  • EPA registered and multi-patented 
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee  

Components Of Our Product

Combustion Catalyst: 
Our product contains an organo-metallic compound that acts as a burn rate modifier to lower the ignition point of the fuel. This results in a more complete burn leading to increased fuel efficiency, better performance, and reduced emissions.

Detergents: Removes harmful deposits from fuel pumps and injectors

Lubricants: Provides lubrication to pistons, fuel pumps, and injectors. 

Fuel Stabilizer: Extends the shelf life of stored fuel.
Polymerization Retardant And Dispersants: Reduces sludge buildup in fuel which can plug filters.

Rust And Corrosion Inhibitors:  Prevents tank and fuel system corrosion caused by oxidation and condensation. Water Demulsifier: Helps remove water from fuel.