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“I was approached with this product by a UFO Distributor to use in my vehicles. As skeptical as I was about fuel additives, I agreed to test it. With an aim to complete an accurate test, I decided to test on the same piece of real estate in Baltimore, MD. I kept all variables consistent and have accurate records. Completing my 5 tank test, I averaged a 21% increase in fuel efficiency. It works.” 
N. Howard 

“Prior to UFO, a partner and I had the distribution rights to a complicated catalyst that was limited to the larger commercial/industrial engines. This product had an inferior method of introduction into the engine as well as some logistics issues. With extensive experience in this industry, I have come to the conclusion that UFO has a solution which is far superior and trumps anything to ever hit the market.”
S. Giles

“We have tested a variety of fuel treatments over the years. Since using the product in our vehicles, we have experienced some shocking results. We are averaging over 19% better fuel mileage. Having driven an excessive amount of miles, this product has saved us a tremendous amount of money.” '
E. Wilkinson 

 “Rarely does a product come along and prove itself to be better than it claims. It has exceeded our expectations.”
K. Cooper 

“It may be a coincidence but, since introducing your product into our fleet of vehicles, we have experienced less maintenance costs and the vehicles seem to run more smoothly. That is a bonus in addition to our savings in fuel costs.”
S. Ziegler “

We were skeptical of the product but is has done everything UFO said it would do."
D. Kenneth 

 “As an experienced commercial energy solutions provider, I have represented many products in this industry including oil additives, refrigerant additives, and fuel additives. I stumbled upon this product with doubt and skepticism in regards to its fuel efficiency claims. After personally testing the product in a 1999 Dodge Ram with a Cummins Turbo Diesel engine (over 300,000 miles on it), I experienced a 24.5% increase in fuel efficiency. Since my personal success, this product has been integrated into a vital part of my energy solutions business for my large commercial clients.”
A. Grimsley